Hairstyles of the Past 50 years


Popular hairstyles of the 60’s include; the Inverted bob, The Flip, and The Pageboy. Hairstyles at this time were characteristically short and always above the shoulder.



The 70’s was a decade characterized by more natural looks that tended to separate themselves from the accessorizing that took place over the past two decades. A few hairstyles from the 70’s were; flick fringes, crimping, braids, and the ‘gypsy’ cut.



Hairstyles of the 80’s had everything from perms to mullets. Hairstyles during the 80’s were typically high maintenance. Hair bands led this high maintenance high reward era with hairstyles being the seen as the bigger the better.



The 90’s took a step back from the 80’s and became a little less extreme, primarily focusing on looking natural and attractive. An extraordinarily popular cut from this decade is the ‘Rachel’ cut which refers to the hairstyle that Jennifer Aniston had while featuring in the popular television show “Friends”.



The 2000’s were largely represented by experimentation with different colors, curls, and bangs. Hairstyles began to be trends set by movie stars and were adopted by their audiences. The variety of hairstyles also increased during this decade as many past hairstyles resurfaced and began to take on a new life in the turn of the century.



This decade began with many styles left over from the 200’s such as barrel curls and hairline braids. The coloring style Ombré, which is having tones of color that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark, took the scene in 2011 and hasn’t left since. Other trends include half-buns and super long hair.